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5/13/2020 - WE ARE NOW OPEN!!! - Freedom reigns for now.  If you are healthy and want to come work out now is the time!  If you are sick or symptomatic, please rest and heal first.  When you come, please be sure to respect everyone's personal space and follow appropriate physical distancing practices.  A big thank you to everyone who supported Loco Dojo and The Loco Dojo Store during these tough times.  We sincerely apreciate and look forward to your continued patronage!

4/28/2020 - A Personal Message from Sensei Dan -

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and doing well during these trying times. I understand many people have lost jobs and have struggling businesses. Many people are stressed from the frustrations and anxieties brought on by current events. I understand what you are going through.

Many of you have listened to my philosophy about self defense and how it applies both in and outside the dojo. Whether you are finding your center, being aware of your breathing, meditating or praying or all of the above... I trust you are practicing self defense philosophy through these challenging times. Remember, the only one restraining you from peace of mind is you. That said, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I am here for for your philosophical, emotional and physical self defense needs.

My life has been a journey of self defense and a search for understanding. I have discovered many things about the universe and myself. Emotional, philosophical and physical self defense is my priority and way of life. When my twin boys were born, I devoted most of my energy and wisdom to raising them to be happy, healthy, good human beings... with the ability to defend themselves. With Loco Dojo my intention is to do continue doing my part for the world by helping to cultivate happy, healthy people... with the ability to defend themselves.

Be careful about what you read and who you get the information from. Sometimes people of authority... those we are supposed to trust... are actually people with bad intentions in disguise.  Humanity is being challenged with a full spectrum of enemies who want to keep people weak and unable to defend themselves. Keeping people paralyzed with fear and shutting down small businesses are a part of the wicked plan. Recently a “concerned” individual called the police on us. The police said we are supposed to be closed. Governor Ducey’s Executive Orders are NOT law... Does anyone remember reading about the Inquisition, where people with "good intentions" were willing to torture people to death just so they may be 'saved"?  I was fortunate to live overseas and travel... and moved back to America for constitutionally-protected freedoms. Sadly our freedoms are eroded by a technocratic nanny state and society of virtue-signaling snitches seeking to impose and enforce tyrannical control. We are experiencing not only a physical tyranny... we are being traumatized by tyranny of the mind... a tyranny bad for business and humanity. Basic human liberties are under attack, and I want you all to know my mission is to continute teaching people to defend themselves.

Challenging ourselves in a group setting and facing fears builds immeasurable grit and strength. When the fear settles I will offer physical un-distancing services. Meanwhile I am having more philosophical and emotional self defense-oriented lectures and classes. Self defense philosophy is just as important as, and integral to physical training. In order to adapt to the current situation, I created a new schedule and services. The schedule is a flexible template, and if it doesn't work for you, please contact me with your availability and I will accomodate the best I can. I now offer private life coaching and private training, available at dojo or on location of your choice. I am also open to doing classes in a local park, the parking lot, your house, my house, a local mountain, etc... with appropriate physical distancing of course. For availability and rates, please email me. Our talented instructors are offering online classes. If you are a current member, simply request access to our online classes and resources.

Thank you for your energy, gratitude and unwavering presence at Loco Dojo. I am so proud of you who have been transformed by your experience with Loco Dojo, and I sincerely appreciate your continued patronage. Your courage, perseverance, determination and tenacity helps keep our small business going. I am doing everything I can to secure the financial health of Loco Dojo.  I ask all of you to bear with me as I adjust, shift and adapt to new challenges facing the world and Loco Dojo. There will be both subtle and drastic changes at Loco Dojo. Either way the changes are made with you in mind, and how best I can serve you. I am asking you (if it is in your budget only) to please keep your membership. We all want Loco Dojo to be here when we get through these difficult times. Keeping your membership helps our cause more than asking for donations. Donations are also appreciated. Thank you for understanding. If you are unable, please just let me know and I will freeze your membership... no problem. Either way, I am grateful for your consideration. Stay happy, healthy and strong! Please stay tuned for latest developments and updates thank you!

At your service...
Sensei - Owner
Loco Dojo, LLC